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Tale of Two Italys

Given everyone is dreaming of days where we are no longer stuck in our houses, I figured why not write about one of my favorite countries, Italy.  Unfortunately, Italy has been hit hard with everything going on and I've heard of numerous people having to cancel plans to this beloved country.  That said, with everyone having extreme wanderlust right now and probably planning future vacations, Italy is one of the best options for so many reasons and has such diversity when thinking about which part of the country to go too.  The shoreline of Siracusa in Sicily  I was lucky enough to have traveled to two of these different regions back in the summer of 2018 that just showed me once again how diverse Italy truly is.  At the beginning of the summer, we headed to Sicily for my Dad's 60th so when my in-laws decided on Italy as well, we opted for an area that couldn't be more opposite,  Lake Como.  Yet both of these regions are ones I would anticipate going back to and woul

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