Pictures from Bryce & Zion National Park

As I was writing my upcoming post on my favorite summer trips, I realized I never posted photos from our trip to Zion and Bryce from a few years ago.  

Samantha and I hiking in the Narrows at Zion, the key is to go early

For a lot of the time in the Narrows, you will be going through water thus
you need the right equipment

View of Zion from below in the Narrows 

The Narrows are known for very "narrow" passageways, hence the name
which could be dangerous with flash floods

More from the Narrows 

We stayed in the actual park of Zion in these cabins which was great. 

One of the easier hikes in Zion is Weeping Rock. 

View looking down into Zion from Observation Point Trail. 

More from the Narrows 

Theres a little town outside of the park where you can go to eat 

More from Zion 

More from the Narrows 


More from the Narrows 

Driving from Zion to Bryce 

We didn't go to Arches National Park but this was one in Bryce

A view into Bryce from the rim 

Famed hammer at Bryce 

Bryce is known for the tall skinny structures known as Hoodoos 

Hoodoos in Bryce 

Large tree at the bottom of the hoodoos which shows you
how big they are 

Bryce in the fog 

The hike from the bottom of the hoo-doos is actually pretty steep 

Mossy Cave Trail is a good little hike right outside of Bryce 

Waterfall up close 

Samantha and I on Mossy Cave Trail 

The view from our cabin outside of Bryce 

More pictures of Bryce 

Bryce Canyon from above 


  1. This is so beautiful. You are very lucky, that you had an opportunity to see all this beauty with your own eyes. The views are breathtaking.

  2. I have not been there, but I am pretty sure that I'll visit this place as soon as I get the chance. Thanks a lot for the published pictures.

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