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Mexico City Recommendations

Samantha and I were in desperate need of a getaway and had friends rave about Mexico City.  So on a cold February morning on our commute to the city, we spontaneously  booked a trip to CDMX and are so happy we did.   We LOVED Mexico City.  It is the type of city where we walked around and exclaimed this is the type of place we could live.  It was clean, it felt progressive, the food was incredible; it had so much to offer.  CDMX is so accessible from much of the US so if you are in need of a long weekend getaway, Mexico City is a perfect option.   Here are our recommendations:    Where to stay:  Best Neighborhoods to stay:  Hands down it is worth it to stay in Condesa or Roma Norte, they are the best neighborhoods in CDMX.  Condesa  DF :  This is where we stayed, it was ok.  It was clean, nice and reasonably priced but there are a few things I didn't like.  The service was not the best and the dark shades were on the OUTSIDE of the window.  So this is a chic, reasonably priced &quo

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