Dubai Post 88: Getting Back to Being an American

It has now been almost two weeks since I have been back in the States and I finally feel normal again.  You know that feeling you get after being away from work for a week and then you come back to work, well imagine that feeling after being away for three months.  It was almost a culture shock coming back to the U.S, the weather was normal, I was not a minority, I saw grass etc...

In the final weeks of Dubai I was very excited to come back.  It is not that I did not like Dubai or was homesick but I was just excited to be back in Chicago for the summer and spend it with my friends.  However, I know find myself missing aspects of Dubai.  I not only miss the people there but many aspects of just being in a different country.  Luckily for me, I have a lot going on to keep my mind off Dubai.

There is some sort of event going on almost every weekend in the next few months.  I have Lollapolloza, skydiving, a trip to Vegas and many friends coming to visit Chicago.  Also, in my opinion, there is no better city in the summer than Chi -Town.  As I have told many people, had I left Dubai in the winter I would have been severely depressed because we all know how those winters are in the Midwest.

Regardless, I finally have a feeling like I never left Chicago.  It is not weird to walk around the halls of my office or grab a beer with my friends.  Yet in the back of my mind, Dubai is there, traveling is there.  I am very happy to be back but I know that in the future, I will need to do something to fulfill my longing to be abroad again. 


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