Pictures from the Safari

This was not easy.  After leaving the safari I might have had over 2,000 photos...just a bit insane.  I've cut and edited and cut some more and wound up with my highlight reel of pictures from our safari...less than 60!

A lioness peaking it's head up from a nap 

Single male rhino


Leopard cub on her own

Coffee Break

Wildebeest calf and mother 

Bull elephant getting some shade 

Single Giraffe

Cape buffalo with one horn 

Mob of mongoose

Leopard cub prowling around

At the riverbed

Sundowner drinks 

Hyena after eating

Pack of elephants strolling along the safari lodge 

Smiling hippo

Fish eagles perched above a watering hole

Storm clouds rolling in 

Buffalo Grazing 


Lion cub with his aunt 

Elephants in the safari camp 

Vultures waiting to feast on a kill 

Warthogs and Cape Buffalo 

Old lion 

Rhinos under a rainbow 

Two elephants playing in the mud 

Two lionesses

Single hyena after eating it's kill



Elephants grazing 

Leopard in front of the safari car  

Hippo pond

View over the bush 

Leopard getting some shade

Sundowner drinks by the river

Two old male lions 




Hippos chasing each other 

Lion cubs

Tower of giraffe

Dazzle of Zebra 

Buffalo on the plains 

White rhino 

Hippos chasing a crocodile 

Hyena cub

Amongst a heard of buffalo

Up close with an elephant 

Single Zebra Crossing 

Old male lion 



Adult female leopard

Sleeping lioness

Two male rhinos 


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