The Jewel of San Diego

It has taken a while but after a few weeks, I am finally able to start writing about our trip to San Diego, and there is not a better place to start than La Jolla.  Known as the "Jewel" (English translation of La Jolla) of San Diego, everyone I spoke with prior to our trip had La Jolla on their must-see list.   Located just north of the downtown area, it was a quick fifteen minute drive from the Gas Lamp District.  Going off on a quick tangent and with driving in mind,  a car is a must for anyone visiting San Diego.  All areas of interest are quite spread out and having a car will make the trip much more manageable.  

The coast in La Jolla. 

Sea lions playing in the water ten feet from where I was standing. 

On our first day, Samantha and I had decided to take a day trip to San Clemente which is about 90 minutes north of San Diego.  This made La Jolla a perfect 2 hour pitstop for breakfast and a look around.  La Jolla is most notably known for it's picturesque cove and beach.  Although, the beach is quite small, the cove draws in hundreds of tourists each day due to it's beautiful blue Pacific water and the bustling scene of wildlife.  Each day, spectators are guaranteed to see flocks of pelicans soaring among the cliffs and playful sea lions sun bathing on the shore.  While the animals are amusing, we were warned of the smell that morning, which was quite apparent and pungent from the minute we arrived.  

More sea lions hanging out on the rocks. 

Samantha and I walking along the cove in La Jolla. 

Now, let's not forget the main reason why Samantha and I headed to La Jolla in the morning; breakfast.  Brockton Villa, an 1894 San Diego Landmark, was highly recommended by our concierge and it did not disappoint.  In fact, I can't think of the last time I had a breakfast this good.  Although, it was a 45 minute wait when we arrived, this did not matter. It is located right across the street from the cove which allowed us to do some sightseeing prior to breakfast.  Yet, for anyone who wishes to dine at Brockton Villa, I would highly recommend a reservation as parties of 4+ had over an hour of wait time.   (When making a reservation, ask for the patio as it provides stunning views of the pacific while dining)  The food was truly to die for, blue crab cake eggs benedict, fresh juices and their infamous coast toast (their version of french toast) will go down as an all time favorite meal.   If I were to choose a last meal and it was breakfast, this might take the cake. 

The infamous coast toast, what I would do to have another piece. 

My half eaten blue crab eggs benedict.  Samantha was getting
full so I ate hers too. 

After devouring breakfast, Samantha and I needed to walk off a few lbs as we slightly over did the amount of food - it was worth it.  This was not a problem as La Jolla has walking paths and parks over looking the ocean as well as a quintessential beach-town strip of shops in the center of town.  We easily could have spent more time in La Jolla however we only had two days to check out the city and it's surrounding areas so we were off to our next spot.  Everyone was right though, La Jolla is the jewel of the city and a must stop - especially Brockton Villa - for anyone visiting.  

Park right along the water - Envious of any one who gets to lie
here all day while we deal with the polar vortex. 

Leave it to Samantha and I to find the bakery in town
with fist size sugar cookies. 


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