Driving and Hiking the Serra de Tramuntana

As I have mentioned in a few of my posts, our villa in Mallorca was located in the Serra de Tramuntana which occupies much of Mallorca's western coast.  It is this mountain range that gives Mallorca its unique yet beautiful landscape.  Aside from enjoying the views poolside, we took in all the Serra de Tramuntana has to offer in our drive to the Cap de Formentor (much more recommended than driving through Palma) and our morning hikes.  Given pictures will display the beauty of the Serra de Tramuntana much more than words, below is a number of shots from our drive and hike through the mountain range. 

A lake in the mountain range thousands of feet above sea level. 

The family in front of the "Blue Gorge"

The road that cuts through the mountain range. 

Mountain tops to seaside beaches all within 30 minutes. 

Overlooking the port of Alcudia on the drive. 

Hiking in the mountains above Fornalutx. 

Overlooking the town of Soller. 

Bringing up the rear. 

Pug Major, the highest mountain on the island. 

Shane and I towards the top of our hike. 


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