Beach Hopping in Mallorca

While the mountains in Mallorca are beautiful, it is the beaches that draw most people to the Spanish island.  Almost each day we were there, we had an excursion to some small slice of a sandy paradise.  Some resided at the bottom of medieval villages while others lay at the end of death defying drives.  However, the one common theme wast they were all jaw dropping.  
One of the beautiful beaches near our villa in Soller. 
In our first day, we visited the small medieval town of Deia.  Deia, once, home to English poet Robert Graves, is located on the edge of the mountain side with the Mediterranean glimmering down below. The town itself is very charming; houses and roads made out of stone, jagged mountain cliffs in the background and wild flowers sweeping over the village.  Yet, at the bottom of a winding path from town was a beautiful cove with crystal clear Mediterranean water.  
Wild flowers in the town of Deia. 
The cove at the bottom of Deia. 
The one downside about Deia's beach is that it is not white and sandy but instead full of smoothed over rocks. It would have been ideal if we knew that ahead of time as we came unprepared with only towels to sit on. However, it is not as bad as it sounds as there are plenty of nooks for your towel to squeeze between.  On top of that, there are two beach bars to have a beer and enjoy the view.  One thing I would recommend in addition to chairs is to climb the rocks to the right of the beach as it provides picture perfect views of the cove and the entire Mediterranean.
The town of Deia in the foothills of the mountains.
A picture of the cove from up above.  
Our second beach excursion was to the Cap de Formentor.  Half of this beach adventure was the drive itself which I had detailed a few posts ago.  There a few different beaches you can stumble upon while at the Cap de Formentor.    While we only had time to relax at la Cala Formentor, my recommendation again for anyone traveling to the Cap it stop at la Cala Figuera.  We were able to get a glimpse of Cala Figurea 1,000 feet up while driving to the lighthouse and the one thing I will say is it looked like a postcard.  
Enjoying the Med after our near death experience. 
Our third beach of the trip, Es Trenc, was on the eastern side of the island and about a 90 minute drive from Fornalutx.  If you read the post on Palma, this was the day we had stopped at Palma in the morning and continued on the way to Es Trenc.  The one thing about my mother is she is never too shy to talk to locals while traveling, specifically to learn about the best places to go while vacationing.  So of course she asked every local what is the best beach in Mallorca and everyone's answer was Es Trenc.  Everyone compared Es Trenc to the beaches you would find in the Caribbean, clear blue water and long white sandy beaches. The relation to the Caribbean was not the only thing locals mentioned about Es Trenc, they had also stated it was known for large amount of nude beach goers.  This, in addition to the white sandy beaches, was also true.
The white sandy beaches of Es Trenc.  
The last beach of our trip was in the in port of Soller.  My family had gone the first day when I was traveling to Mallorca so I went with my Dad and Samantha to just check it out.  Rather than hang out at the beach, we grabbed a few cervezas in the port to take in the beautiful view.  The beach in Soller is not as picturesque as some of the beaches in Mallorca however the port makes it worth the trip.  There are plenty of outdoor restaurants to grab a bite and a few places to stop for gelato on the board walk, which we of course did.
The port of Soller. 
Samantha enjoying some gelato on the boardwalk.  
It is without question that you will visit beaches when heading to Mallorca, it is after all the number one reason people head to the Spanish island.  However, there are plenty to choose from yet you cannot go wrong with any of the ones written above.


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