Getting Our Water Sports On

Typically, the most activity Samantha or I did on a given day during our trip was flipping the pages of our book or taking a sip of our drink.  This is typically not the norm for us as we usually try to work out whenever we travel.  However, we were in such a state of relaxation we could not bring ourselves to do our usual workouts.  Lucky enough, our hotel had free water sports so as hard as it was, we took a break from our books to hit the water.

Snorkeling: While the water activities weren't anything too adventurous, they are not only included as part of your stay at The Caves but they are also private.  Paul, The Caves most well known employee, is responsible for taking all of the guests out and took us on our first excursion, snorkeling.  For about 60 minutes, Paul took us around the reefs along our resort to see all of the wildlife which included an assortment of fish as well as a few sting rays.  However the coolest part was going in the caves which included secret doors from one to another.
Perfect use of the GoPro. 
Swimming through a secret door to a cave.  
Samantha with a star fish.  
Taken from the inside of a cave. 
Cliff Jumping:  After Snorkeling, Paul took us around to jump off all the cliffs at the resort.  There is a number to jump off and the highest is 33 feet.  Jumping off the cliffs became a daily occurrence and at times, all of the guests at the hotel would do it at the same time.  I have some great footage from my GoPro from all of the cliff jumping which I will start to put together this week.

Samantha on her first jump.
Paul about to jump over Samantha. 
Jumping off a 30 foot cliff. 
It was a long way down. 
Samantha getting ready for her jump. 
Away she goes. 
Almost there. 
Kayaking: Our last water excursion was kayaking.  While it was the least eventful, it was still worth it because it actually was a bit of a workout and you got great views of the coast line.  
Samantha getting ready to take off. 


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