Recommendations : Reykjavik, Iceland (Bachelor Party Edition)

Given how much I like to travel, I don’t think it’s any surprise that I decided to do my bachelor party in Iceland.  With it’s close proximity and 24 hours of sunlight (disclaimer - only if you go in the summer), it really became a no brainer. 

So for any bachelors who might be thinking of Iceland, here are some tips:
The countryside of Iceland
Where to Stay:
  • Downtown: While renting a house in the wilderness sounds like an awesome idea, this is your bachelor party.  Reykjavik is a small city and you need to stay close enough to the heart of downtown so your friends can stumble home from the clubs at the wee hours of the morning. 
  • AirBnB:  Sure there are some hotels you can look at but your best option is going to be AirBnB, especially if you have a big group of people. We were able to find a spot fit for 18 people with a balcony over looking the main street in the city. 
Our Air BnB
Where to Eat: 
  • Hot Dog Stand (won't attempt to spell):  Now I don’t know the name of the stand but before I went to Iceland, people told me I had to get the hot dogs.  Low and behold, we found a hot dog stand not too far from our AirBnB and I can see why people were raving about.  I think some of my friends ate here two or three times a day - it's open late night. 
  • Snaps If you are looking to feel like a normal person again after a night of drinking, you can head here for brunch.  It felt like the type of place that you would go to with your friends in NYC to order Avocado Toast and mimosas, both of which they have. 
  • Fish Market: If you are going to eat out with your buddies, this is the place to do it.  While it will be expensive, it’s bound to be a good time as you’re not only going to have delicious fish, but the likes of puffun and meinke whale.  Be sure to get a reservation ahead of time if you have a big group and buy the table next to you a bottle of wine in case you get a little rowdy. 
Minke whale 
What to Do: The bachelor party can’t be all about partying.  If you’re in Iceland, you have to do some awesome activities as well. 
  • Blue Lagoon: The massive hot springs is a perfect way to start your trip - I’d head there right from the airport.  You can sit back with a few drinks in this natural hot springs as your friends pretend their only putting on the mud masks for a funny picture and not for the benefit of their skin. 
The boys at the Blue Lagoon
  • Midnight Golfing: If you’re going to do Iceland for your bachelor party, it should be in the summer months.  And if you’re going in the summer months, you have to do midnight golfing.  There was arguably nothing cooler than teeing off as the clock hit 12:00AM; not to mention it will be one of the more beautiful courses you ever play on. 
Past midnight
  • ATVing: The one big activity we planned was ATVing.  We took a five hour excursion into the country side of Iceland that I would do over and over again.  Aside from partying with my closest friends for three days, the country was beautiful and this was one of the best ways to see it. 
Stopping on the countryside on the ATV tour
Where To Go Out: After all, it is a bachelor party so it would not be complete without a few nights of buying bottles and dancing on tables.  The two most popular spots (and we tried them both) are Austur and B5 - both of which are open till 5AM on Friday and Saturday.  
The chaos inside B5

Costs: Ultimately, we decided Iceland because it was going to be the same price as Vegas.  You can find flights from NYC, DC and Boston for $350 - $500 on WoW Air and it’s only 4.5 hours of flying time.  Our AirBnB was also $250 a person for three nights so logistically it is not bad although you will encounter midtown Manhattan prices everywhere in RK. 
Downtown Reykjavik


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