People and Places of Sri Lanka

While we were only in Sri Lanka for a brief period of time, we still were able to take in plenty of the culture.  Here is a collection of pictures of the people and places we saw:

A woman praying at a temple in Colombo.

Independence Hall in Colombo. 

Tuk tuk drivers outside of Colombo.

A man selling fruit off the highway. 
The owner of the Spice Garden in the mountains of Sri Lanka. 

An intersection of a small town on the road to Kandy

A street vendor outside the botanical gardens in Kandy. 

A Buddha statue in the distance overlooks the town of Kandy. 

Our hotel in Kandy - it used to be a former British 

A woman buying bananas at a super market 

A worker at one of the tea estates 

View of the Sri Lankan countryside 

A woman selling durian high up in the mountains 
Yes, the Rothschild family has their hands in Ceyelon Tea 

A family enjoying lunch at a cliffside restaurant in the mountains

People praying at the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy


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