Food of Sicily

When heading to Italy, you prep yourself for weeks for the amount of carbs you are going to be eating.  You expect heavy doses of pasta, pizza, paninis and then topping it off with gelato between every meal.  The past two times we went to Italy, we were so stuffed that by the end of the trip, we had to drag ourselves to dinner.

Heading to Sicily, we knew it would be different given the influence of seafood but it was even more unique than we expected.  There was definitely a heavy Mediterranean influence and seafood was very abundant.  At some of the restaurants we went too, almost all of the dishes contained some sort of seafood.  And pizza is not nearly as popular compared to the streets of Rome and Florence. 

As for dessert, there is still gelato but granita is much more common; think Italian ice. This tasty treat is also really common for Sicilians to eat in the morning given the early day heat.  Granita bursts with flavor, especially when getting the island's most common taste, almond. Yet it's the cannolis that will steal the show.  They were originated here and after your first bite, that will become extremely obvious.

All in all, the food in Sicily is very good.  It doesn't compare to the likes of Tuscany and Rome but it has it's own style.  And unlike the cities in the north, not every meal will leave your jaw dropped. That said, do a little research ahead of time, know what you are getting into, and get the cannolis.

Freshly sliced octopus; extremely tasty but a unique way to eat it 

Cheese is a plenty in Sicily 

Bruschetta at the Planeta vineyard, with of course Sicily's favorite, anchovies

The full spread at Plantea, which included Cherry tomatoes so good my mother ended up filling her purse up with them

Arancini balls are a delicacy of Sicily 

Lamb ragu, one of the few meat dishes we had in Sicily 

Marzipan is common in the bakeries of Sicily. 

While you will still find gelato, granita is the more common choice which is also common for Sicilians to eat for breakfast 

Cannoli's, the official dessert of Sicily 

While this may look like spaghettio's this type of pasta is well known in Sicily 

More Octopus, just a little different style

Home made linguini with fresh clams from the market 


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