Recommendations: Block Island

With summer finishing a few weeks ago, it's hard to think about weekend trips for next summer but in a few months when there is a few feet of snow, you'll be dreaming of days on the beach.  So when that day comes and you start to think about where you want to go next summer, one spot you should add to your list is Block Island. 

For those in the northeast, it's a great place to spend a long weekend or even a full week as it's relatively easy to get too and a little more low key than some of the other popular spots.  The drive from NYC to the ferry in Rhode Island was just under three hours and then once on-board, it was less than an hour.  You also don't need a car on the island making it a super easy weekend get away.  Below are some recs for Block:

Samantha and I at the Inn at Spring House 

  • 1661 Inn: The 1661 Inn is just off the main strip of town and is a quaint B&B that has a buffet breakfast with ocean views.  The rooms are nice and spacious thus it's a perfect place to for a quick weekend trip.  There were no rooms available at The Inn at Spring House but this was a prefect alternative for us.  
  • The Inn at Spring House: What is probably the most famous hotel on the island, the Large White House that sits atop a hill is a well known Block Island staple.  There are different parts of the hotel you can stay in but even if you can't get a reservation, it will be worth a visit to sit in the white adirondack chairs, while drinking a mudslide and starring into the sea. 
The view from 1661 Inn. 

Where to Eat:
  • Dead Eye Dicks: Located right on the Great Salt Pond, Dead Eye Dicks is a perfect spot for some fresh seafood.  Try to snag a spot on their patio to enjoy the sun setting over the marina. 
  • The Oar: While you can grab a bite to eat at The Oar, the reason to go is for their mudslides.  This is the drink of choice on Block Island and of all the places we went to, The Oar had the best.  It also had a lively atmosphere which makes for a fun post-beach spot. 
Drinking a mudslide at The Oar

  • Beachhead: You can always bring sandwiches to the beach but if you want a sit down, this is the perfect spot.  We both said this was the best lobster roll we had during our entire weekend trip - probably because they served it hot! 
  • Three Sisters: We didn't end up eating here but this came highly recommended.  One of the nights we ate on the main strip overlooking the water and of course the food was sub par (it was touristy) so we had wish we came here. 
  • Inn at Spring House: The Inn at Spring House is known for being a hotel but they also have a great restaurant.  It's a perfect place to stop for lunch for a cold beer, clam chowder and a lobster roll. 
The sunset at Dead Eye Dicks 

What to Do: 
  • Bike Around the Island: We couldn't do this because Samantha was pregnant but the island is small enough where you can bike around the entire island.  If you can't do this, do what we did and rent a jeep wrangler and go for a nice drive. 
  • The Bluffs: The Mohegan bluffs located just below the lighthouse are a must while in Block Island.  There are stairs down to the beach but also some hiking trails you can go on as well. 
  • Mansion Beach: You of course are going to spend time on the beach at Block Island but you can beat some of the crowds by heading to the smaller Mansion Beach.  
Us at the bluffs 


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