Dubai Post 1: Emirates Air: The Ultimate Flying Experience

Each seat is equipped with a personal TV that contains over
1,200 channels. 

While waiting in line to board the Boeing 777, I finally felt the nerves kick in.  After all, departing to a foreign Middle Eastern country for three months is not something I do on a routine basis.  Yet, by the time I took my seat, an attentive flight attendant welcomed me with a moist warm towel.  At that point on, I was submerged in the pages of the Enron scandal and had the most enjoyable travel experience to date.

To start, the food on the flight was more than just edible (which would already be considered above average for an airline), it was actually delightful.  It could put our Chicago lunch spot, Pazzo’s, out of business.  For lunch, there was a Mediterranean chicken dish accompanied with a blueberry cobbler in vanilla sauce with a South African white wine. Then for breakfast, a sausage and potato frittata complete with OJ and a croissant.

I would take this over Pazzos any day. 
Unfortunately, a good meal can only pass so much time on a 13 hour flight and so Emirates Air provided a lot of entertainment to  ensure their passengers avoid losing their sanity.  On most international flights, you are lucky if they decide to play a new hit movie and it happens to play while you are awake.  However, on Emirates, you are given an option of over 1,200 channels to choose from, including 300 movies you can start at any time.  These genres include new releases such as J Edgar and War Horse; all-time greats such as The Dark Knight and of course your Disney favorites such as Lion King and Toy Story. Needless to say, I had no trouble passing the time.
                Currently, we are flying close to Baghdad and we are within an hour of landing.  So for those worried about the long flight to Dubai, don’t be. If anything you should hope to circle the airport a few times to extend your experience on Emirates a little longer.  Unless, of course, you are my father who decides to fly American Airlines.   Either way, it is bound to be an interesting three months!


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