Dubai Post 2: The New Office Building

Sitting atop the DIFC is a patio for employees to lounge.

After 13 hours of traveling, I made it into the FactSet office of Dubai to meet the team and see my cube.  The office is housed in the DIFC (Dubai International Finance Center) which does not compare to the 311 S. Wacker office, that's for sure.  In fact, from the outside, the building does not even look like a home to so many offices.  However, as you make your way to the fifteenth floor, you find yourself weaving through the hallways until you find one of four FactSet offices.

The obscure shape of the DIFC allows for a fifteenth floor oasis that gives employees the ability to take a step on the outdoor patio and soak up the sun rays of Dubai.  Surrounding the office area is a number of restaurants and outdoor cafes, including Potbelly's and Freshii. Occupying the eating areas are global business warriors dressed to a T.  While eyeing down these business men in their pressed Italian suits, I noticed my first cultural trend in Dubai:  their tie knots are enormous.  Everywhere I looked I saw knots the size of fists, however, I will confirm this style as I continue to observe throughout the week.

A view of the Burj Khalifa from my cab. 
Lastly, on the way home back to my apartment (pictures of it will be coming later), I passed many of the famous sites in Dubai.  I am sure to explore each and every one of these sites but they include the world’s tallest building, the world’s only seven star hotel, and the Middle East’s only indoor ski resort.  Each of these demonstrates Dubai’s unique and creative ability to spend money. 


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