Dallas, Texas

Do: The Sixth Floor Museum – Located at one of the most historic sites of the 20th century, the Sixth Floor Museum provides a great audio tour of JFK’s life, presidency and the events surrounding the assassination.  The tour ends in the sixth floor window where Lee Harvey Oswald sat as he gunned down the 35th president of the United States.  Just a tip, if you are there on a weekend, go Sunday afternoon, waits can be over an hour on Saturday.

The location of the supposed one man assassin...was there another?

Stay: Dallas Marriott Suites – If you are flying into Love Field, this is a perfect location and nice hotel.  It is only a five minute drive to the airport and less than a five minute drive to Dealey Plaza and Mckinney Ave which is filled with bars and restaurants.  If you are planning on going to a Cowboys game you will need a car so this hotel is ideal for that scenario.

Eat: Manny’s Uptown - When thinking of food and Dallas, most people think of Steak.  However do not overlook the Tex-Mex cuisine; if you can’t be in Mexico, it is the next best thing.  The margaritas, homemade tortilla chips and hefty portions lived up to our hotels recommendations.   They are best known for their brisket tacos but if you are enchilada lover, you will not be disappointed.

Fantastic Tex-Mex meal. 

See: Cowboy’s Stadium – If you can make it to a Cowboys game than great, but if not a tour of the stadium is a must.  It is a modern day palace and in 1,000 years may be compared to the Roman Coliseum as one of the greatest venues of all time.  And yes, the screen really is that big.

The stadium was like nothing I had ever seen before. 

Day Drink: Frankies - The Badgers were on while we were in Dallas so of course I had to watch them.  Frankie’s is fit for any sporting event with massive T.V.s plastered all over the inside walls and on the outdoor patios.  Of course it had a good beer selection and plenty of bar food but it had one thing that really put it over the edge for me, portable speakers to listen to the game you are watching.  


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