Dining on the Seine

Along with a picnic under the Eiffel tower, eating on the banks of the Seine River is a must while in Paris.  Hopefully you will have good weather and for us we really lucked out.  It was 80 degrees and sunny every day with the exception of our first.  Not to mention as I did before, it was light out until about 11PM. 

The Seine River right across from the Louvre. 

We enjoyed doing this so much that once we ate by the river for our first time, every day after we found ourselves back there.  The first was right before we headed to the Lourve.  We stopped at a Boulangiere, grabbed sandwiches and some dessert and ate right across from the famed museum.   

Munching on our sandwich from the Boulanger.

One quick note about Boulangieres, they were our favorite.  We ate a number of them while in Paris but our favorite was Eric Kayser, Artisan and Boulanger.  It turns out that this is a chain but don't think McDonalds, think your favorite type of Jewish deli turned chain.  It is very easy to find one if you go to their website but if you are following our footsteps and eating before a trip to the Lourve, head down Rue du Bac, just a few blocks from the river   For about 13 euros we were able to get a sandwich on a fresh baguette stuffed with melted brie and goat cheese (TO DIE FOR, maybe out favorite meal of the trip), a quiche and a few tasty desserts.  We will forever be dreaming about our lunch from Eric Kayser’s boulangiere. 

Samantha and I dining on the Seine.

The second and third time we sat on the river were at night.  As the sun is setting, it is especially popular for the younger crowd in Paris to sit by the river and sip on some wine.  During our river cruise on Saturday night, you would have thought it was the Blackhawk Stanley cup parade in Chicago as every spot on the river seemed to be occupied.  We followed suit the next two nights brining wine and desserts one night and fresh goat cheese, a bauggete and some wine the next.  

Taken from our river cruise at about 9:30 at night, hundreds of people
were hanging out on the river banks. 

All in all, whether it be for a quick stop during the day or a relaxing glass of wine at night, sitting by the river it highly recommended. 

Our last night enjoying some wine
on the Seine. 

Sunset on the Seine over the Notre Dame. 


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