Nice, France

Sorry for the delay, been busy with a torn tendon and new job.  Last post on Nice than have some on Paris.

Stay: Mercure Nice Marche Aux Fleurs is located right on the cusp of the old town of Nice and right across the street from the beach.  You could really not ask for a better location in the city and one would think prices would be exorbitant, but they are really quite manageable.  After all, Samantha and I are in are mid twenties and could afford it.  Lastly, the rooms are clean, the service is fantastic and the balconies provide great views of Old Town or the beach as you sip on wine.

Our hotel next to the famous opera house in Nice. 

Eat: Fennochio, it was ranked the best ice cream in the entire world, need I say more.  Another honorable mention is Le Coin Quotidien which is located right by the flower market in Old Town.  Only go here for breakfast and only get the pastries, especially the croissants.  If you get anything else, it is your loss.

We may have gone more than once. 

Do: Castle Hill, also known as Colline du Chateau, is the perfect sight to see for anyone who likes a little activity (maybe more than a little).  The Chateau is the 93 meter former military fort that provides fantastic views of all of Nice.  I believe there are elevators that take people up but the walk up is worth it as you will get great views of the different areas of Nice.  Yet, the view at the top of Old Town and the beach is winer. 

Samantha overlooking Nice 

Visit: The Marche aux fleurs  (flower market) is a must one morning while in Nice.  I have raved so many times about Old Town but the flower market is only at a particular time.  Yes it is mostly flowers and as a tourist, you are not really going to purchase flowers for your hotel room but there is so much more to offer.  There are fresh pastries, fruits and veggies and the best part is you can practice your French as you interact with the local farmers.  

The flower market. 

Don't Forget:  With so much to see and do in Nice don't forget about the beach.  

Swimming away in the Mediterranean


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