Our Full Day at Oktoberfest in Pictures

Our full day at Oktoberfest was one of the best days of the trip.  Here is our day, in pictures: 

Since we didn't have a reservation, we had to get there early...very
early.  Therefore, the entire festival grounds were empty at 7:30.

Of course we weren't the only ones to get their early.  There was a line of
about 200 people in front of us, which was actually pretty good for us.
For 90 minutes we waited but it was worth it to get a full table. 

The tent we chose was the Hacker tent which is known for young
German locals.  This is the view from our table. 

We of course had to dress up.  A trip to Oktoberfest
was not complete without a trip to the lederhosen store. 

Prost, the first round was served.  A stein had about 3 beers in it
and is twice as strong so it is important to pace yourself. 

The food of choice is of course pretzels but white sausage as well.
You have to peel the casing off which you can see
Tom and Andrew doing. 

The waitresses can carry up to ten beers at a time which is incredible.
They are actually flown in for the event and paid a ton. 

Before the band goes on, many people will stand on a table and
try to chug a stein to the cheers of the entire tent.  

Our whole group at the table. 

More of us showed up later in the day.  

The traditional German band comes on mid day and this is when
the tent gets rowdy.  Everyone gets up to dance and sing and it lasts
9 hours.
By sun down most of our table was taken over
by friendly strangers as Oktoberfest got the best
of all of us. 


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