An Unwanted Souvenir

For anyone who has traveled internationally with me, they know that I am always on the lookout for a good souvenir to take home.  When I was younger, it was snow globes from every location but I have slowly migrated to souvenirs with more of a connection to the area.  For example, a hand carved wooden sculpture of an Inle Lake fisherman in Myanmar or a painting from a local artist in Paris. Samantha may not always like the souvenirs that I bring home because I put them all over our apartment but for anyone who comes over, reminders of our travels are everywhere.  Well, for the first time after a trip, I had brought home a souvenir that neither of us wanted...a scorpion.

I have traveled to a few areas in the past in which scorpions were native to the ecosystem.  Each time, the locals or hotel staff would inform guests to always check their shoes and clothes for scorpions before getting dressed.  This was never more prevalent than at Morgan's Rock.  Specifically because we saw a few scorpions including one in our shower.  Considering the scorpion in our shower was the night before we left, Samantha and I were extra cautious when we were packing our bags.  We shook out everything, from each individual sock to every shirt.  We were pretty positive no creature was going to catch a free ride home to Chicago, we were wrong.

We were on one of last loads of laundry and I was changing out the washer and dryer and all of a sudden I noticed something on the floor.  From the first glance I knew exactly what it was and could not believe it.  I have always heard stories about scorpions getting into suitcases but it was one of those things that I thought would never happen to me.  Sure enough, a two inch scorpion was laying right next to my foot in 0 degree Chicago...thankfully dead.  Luckily I had found the scorpion and not Samantha home alone.  I can only imagine what would have happened in that scenario, I think we would have had the National Guard called to our apartment.  Regardless, I quickly swept it up and threw it down the trash chute.  The one question Samantha and I still have is where was this guy hiding?

No idea how this ended up in our suitcase but luckily it was dea. 


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