Cruising Around Capri

In the gulf of Naples a few miles off the shore of the Amalfi Coast is the enchanting island of Capri.  If you have time, you should stay here for a night or two, (although It could be quite expensive), but at the very least, I’d recommend heading here for a day trip.
The island of Capri as we approached by boat. 

That’s exactly what we decided to do. A local Italian couple took us out on their boat for the day with the majority of it being spent docked up in Capri. Personally, I think renting a private boat was the best way to visit Capri, unless of course you are the ultra wealthy and have your own yacht to stroll up in.   Yet if you can rent a boat, it's highly recommended as it’s much easier to check out the famed grottos of Capri.  And note to self, while the Blue Grotto is the most famous, there are ones just as beautiful that don’t require admission charge… 
Samantha and I off the coast 
One of the many grottos we went in 
That said it should be relatively easy to get to Capri as there are ferries that run up and down the Amalfi Coast that can take you from places like Positano and Amalfi to Capri.
Colorful flowers hung all over the city
Stumbling across small markets 
 In general, Capri is a relatively small island so you can see a lot on within a few hours.  We spent most of our time walking around it's narrow streets running into boutique shops and small markets.  Outside of strolling it’s streets, one of the more popular activities on the island is to take the chair lift up to Anacapri which provides stunning views of main land Italia and the Mediterranean. 
The view of the main land from Capri 
Getting lost in the narrow streets of Capri 
Yet, at the end of the day, there was nothing better than having wine and bruschetta while taking a dip into the crystal clear water off the coast of this famous isle.  You can drop anchor anywhere, grab some snorkeling gear and then head in to see sea life below. 
It may not have been a top snorkeling spot but there was still plenty of sea life 
Snorkeling off the coast

So whether you come here for a few hours or a few days, Capri should be a must see when taking a trip on the Amalfi coast.  
All of us hanging out off the coast of Capri 


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