Recommendations: Positano, Italy

A few of our favorites from Positano. 

Where to Stay: 
  • Beach Access: There is no shortage of expensive hotels in Positano, after all, it's where Zuck had his honeymoon.  So if you're looking for that type of luxury in your life, Le Sirenuse is what you will want to check out.  While it does sound luxurious, I will warn you that it's going to be up a few hills.  And while the views may be a bit nicer from higher up, my recommendation would be to stay closer to the bottom. Otherwise, you'll find yourself huffing and puffing after trekking up and down to the beach. 
The view from Le Sirenuse 
  • Covo Dei Saraceni: Going off my last point, our hotel would be ideal for those want to stay right on the beach.  You're able to walk out the front door and literally have the ocean at your fingertips.  Not to mention, even though you may not be high up into the hills, you’re still going to have jaw dropping views from your balcony. 
The view from our balcony 
    Where to Eat: 
    • L'Ancora: Set in a four star hotel next to Le Sirenuse, L'Ancora is up in the hills which provides stunning views of Positano below. Yet, you don’t go just for the views, fresh pasta, prosciutto and fish make the hike up the hill all worth it at the end.  
    • Ristorante Max: To be honest, we ate so much fish and pasta while in Positano I can't remember what stood out on this menu, all I know is that we left extremely satisfied. 
    • La Tagliata: If there is any restaurant you are going to eat at, this is it.  You'll need to make reservations as this isn't just in the hills, it's at the top of the mountain.   You have to be taken there by bus and then the family operated team brings out course after course after course…and these are generous portions.  It will be the best home cooked Italian meal you have ever had. 
    Gnocchi in La Tagliata
    The view from our table at La Tagliata 
    • La Conca del Sogno: This dining establishment is only available by boat and is about 20 - 30 minutes away from Positano. When we arrived, there was only one other table there but the minute we were seated, the food didn’t stop coming out.  Oh and if the exclusivity by boat wasn’t cool enough, Jay-Z and Beyonce showed up 30 minutes after us and it wasn't there first time here. 
    La Conca Del Sogno as we were pulling away 
    What to Do:
    • R&R: This isn’t Rome or Florence where your days are going to be packed with touring, this is an Italian get away.  Post up at the beach or pool (if your hotel has one) and enjoy the a few drinks and dream worthy views. 
      • Shop: Yes, even I did some shopping in Positano as they have some great boutiques with something for everyone.  For guys, the linen shirts and leather shoes are what you should go for. 
      • Rent A Boat: If you saw my other post about Capri, we rented a boat to take us there.  Yet, even if you don’t rent a boat for transportation purposes, just leisurely cruising off the coast of Amalfi will make you feel like you’re living the Italian high life. 
      The beach in Positano
      Other Places to Visit: 
      • Rivello: Perched high above the coastline is the small town of Rivello. While walking around this medieval town you’ll find all sorts of surprises around each turn from jaw dropping views to small vineyards.  And for those who are up for it, there is a path that takes you all the way down to the beach.  It’s about an hour walk and there isn’t the best signage so just be up for an adventure. 
      Samantha and I in Rivello 
      • Amalfi: While we didn’t spend much time here, it looked just as charming as Positano - it’s everything you dream of when you think Italian vacation. 
      The main beach in Amalfi 
      • Capri: The mesmerizing island of Capri is a must if you are in Amalfi.  Check out the Capri post for some additional recommendations here. 
      Try fresh squeezed lemonade while in Capri 
      Some more pictures from Positano.

      Can never go wrong with pizza in Italy - Pizza in Positano
      Limoncello is a must while in the Amalfi Coast 
      A small vineyard we came across in Rivello
      Walking down from Rivello 
      The view of Positano from our boat. 
      Shucking fresh clams next to our table at La Concoa Del Sogno

      Samantha and I in Positano

      There will of course be the plethora of bakeries you come across in Positano


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