In the Seychelles...

For some reason, the Seychelles have always been high on my list.  Maybe it’s because my mom has said she’s always wanted to go here since she did some school project on the islands and then beat it into my head at some point in time.  Yet, for as long as I can remember, they have always been towards the top of my travel bucket list.  
Samantha and I in the Seychelles
I can now officially check this destination off as it kicked off our two week African excursion between the Seychelles and South Africa.  This trip has been a year and a half in the making and started out spanning Tanzania, Rwanda and the Seychelles. We ended up switching it up a bit but our schedule incorporates beach, safari, wine lands and Cape Town. 
Pool at the Banyan Tree 
24 hours in and the islands are everything I had pictured.  The main island of Mahe is a lush jungle paradise that has pockets of sandy white beaches all along it’s coasts. The vibe is extremely laid back and as far as I can tell, not run over by tourists - which was the theme of Phuket which is where I was this time last year. It actually has a similar vibe to Jamaica but also reminds me a bit of where we stayed in Nicaragua. 
Beach at our resort 
The Seychelles is made up of a number of islands but were are currently staying on a secluded beach resort on the south part of the main island.  We’re only here for a few days but I can already tell it won’t be enough time to take in all this country has to offer.  At least on day one, the sun was hot, the beach was desolate and the fish was fresh so that was all we could really ask for.  
Giant tortoises at our resort, which are common in the islands 


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