More To Do's in London

About a year ago, BounceX opened up an office in London so it was only a matter of time until I made my way over to visit it.  I ended up spending a week there this past November and thus was able to take some time to explore what is quickly becoming a city that is higher and higher on my places to visit list.  Here are some additional recommendations of what to do if you are heading to London any time soon:

  • See English Premier League Game: Certain American sports fans can be crazy but nothing compares to the frenzy of British football fans.  I've always wanted to go to a game and finally had the opportunity to see Cheslea on their home pitch in Stamford Bridge.  The all around experience was everything I was hoping for and unlike a baseball game, it was in and out in under two hours.  Even if you aren't a big sports fan, football is part of British culture and an EPL game is worth experiencing at least once if you can score a ticket. 
  • Stroll Through Islington: Our friend Hallie has lived in London for a few years now and I spent a Saturday afternoon in her neighborhood getting brunch and strolling around.  Finding a quaint neighborhood in a tourist filled city is always a breath of fresh air and that's what Islington felt like.  Try out Blue Legume for lunch and then stroll down the main street to hop into a neighborhood pub. 
  • Eat at Dishoom:   London is known for it's Indian cuisine and there's no place that may be more popular than Dishoom.  I'm sure there are other Indian restaurants that may boast better reviews and it could be a 90 minute wait but it certainly lived up to the hype.  Let a waiter guide you on the menu as it can be overwhelming but everything we ordered was delicious, especially their signature dish. 
  • Experience a Sunday Roast: Sunday roasts are a staple of any British pub and a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in London.  Think Thanksgiving dinner but with substitutes for the turkey and a few pints of English ale. 
  • Have a Cocktail and Perhaps Dinner at Berner's Tavern: Berner's Tavern is everything you would imagine of an up-scale British eatery. Dimly lit, large ceilings, and ornate pieces of art lining the walls complete with the quintessential British menu.  The meat pie was interesting but the mac and cheese is a must. 


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