Review of Belmond La Samanna in Pictures

One of the main reasons I chose St. Martin, outside of it being a direct flight, was for the Belmond.  I had done a bunch of research on top resorts in the Caribbean and the Belmond La Samanna was always there. 

When you arrive at the Belmond, you're greeted with this view, instantly giving you that feeling of relaxation.  They welcome you with fresh tropical cocktails and the staff is there to help you with whatever you need and it stays that way through the remainder of your stay. 

The property while it seems large, doesn't take more than a 10 - 15 minute walk from side to side.  It is completely private so you will only run into people from the resort, which doesn't have an abundance of rooms, or people coming to dine in.  Up on the hill, you can see some of the rooms (which is where ours was located) and larger building is the main part of property. 

The main pool provided a good alternative to the beach and it was hardly crowded as well as close to the lobby bar in case you wanted food or drinks. 

The second pool is an infinity pool located towards the end of the property next to where they serve lunch.   We didn't spend much time here as our room was closer to the main one but if your room is close to, it's definitely a good option.  There is less room so if it's crowded, you may be tight on seats. 

The beach is where we spent most of our time.  There was hardly any people on the beach so it was very easy to find a spot for the day.  The staff was also excellent on the beach.  Given we had a baby, they always made sure we had two umbrellas which they set up for us as soon as we arrived.  In addition, they came around frequently checking in if we needed food or drinks.

The ocean was quite calm the ledge by the beach provided a small little cove to go swimming.  From what I heard, the snorkeling was good by the cliff so you could easily walk off the beach to go snorkel.

The food at the resort was delicious, expensive but good.  The only issue was
there are not a ton of options to eat.  If you are going for more than 4 nights, you may need to
go off property for a night or two.  We went out to dinner one night and outside of that, ate
at the one dinner restaurant the other three.  Had we had to eat there another night, we may
have gotten tired of the menu options.  

There was a lunch restaurant by the second pool but you didn't have to go here to eat
as you could get the same food served to you on the beach.  That said, it was a great place to come
for a break from the beach when you wanted a cocktail.  The only other options for lunch were
at the bar in the main lobby.  For breakfast, there was a massive buffet situated right next to the pool
which had everything you would want.    

The overall grounds of the resort were beautiful.  It was well taken care of and there was lively and bright vegetation everywhere. 

One of the great things about the Belmond is given the side of the island it is on, you get incredible sunsets.  All in all
you will not be disappointed by staying here, even if it is a little over your budget. 


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