Flying During the End of the World:

**The internet is too slow to upload pictures so I will have to back fill at a later date.

I write this to you flying 30,000 feet above the ground.  We are currently on the shortest leg of our trip, a 65 minute flight from Bangkok to Yangon.  It has been 28 hours since I walked through the doors of JFK and as horrible as that may sound it actually was not that bad.  All in all, it will be a 30 hour excursion before we touch down in Yangon.

It is currently 9:00AM on Saturday the 22nd and I left NY at 9:00PM on Thursday the 20th.  Therefore, we skipped the highly anticipated 12/21/12, or the Mayan’s prediction of the end of the world.  I can give you firsthand knowledge as I am ahead of the game that the world is still here, there are no bombs dropping or zombies running around.  It is actually quite pleasant, the sun is out and it’s 85 degrees.

There would be many who would consider a 30 hour trip to the other side of the globe to be the end of the world.  However, I didn’t mind it at all, I actually enjoyed myself.  From the minute I walked into JFK, I felt the excitement rush through my veins as I felt the thirst to travel being quenched.  Although I was still in New York, I was in the company of jetsetters flying to the likes of Istanbul, Rome, Tokyo and Sydney.  I once again felt the feeling of being surrounded by foreigners and I loved every second of it. 

Upon leaving New York, we first set out for Paris on Air France.  I have never flown Air France but within an hour of flying time, I was thoroughly amused.  The food was above average and there were personal T.V.’s with quality flicks such as Memento, The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers.  I however was anticipating a Lord of the Rings marathon as I had just seen The Hobbit.  The 7 hour flight went by with ease with The Fellowship of the Ring, an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and my current read, The Lunatic Express.

After a two hour layover in Paris we started our next leg, an 11 hour flight to Bangkok.  Although this flight was longer, it was almost easier to endure because after I watched The Two Towers, I slept for almost the rest of the flight.  We arrived to Bangkok early which allowed us to just make our flight to Myanmar.  Our concern was our bags also coming along for the journey since our connection time was so tight.

Sure enough, not one of our bags was waiting on the turn cycle.  There we were, more 8,000 miles from home and after 30 hours of traveling and all we had were the clothes on our back….Lucky for us, they were on the next flight from Bangkok.  


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