Ngapali Beach, a Slice of Heaven

For the first leg of our trip, we had a few days planned in a small little beach town known as Ngapali.  We hopped on a small prop plane and headed off for the coast to reach our paradise.  Upon arrival, you could clearly tell we were in a beach village.  We literally walked down the airplane’s staircase and onto the runway.  I could feel the mist of the salty blue water.  From the airport, there was only one road in and out of town that stretches down the coast line.

Samantha and I with the hotel in the back. 

As we approached our resort, there was a board greeting our party and the staff waiting with tropical drinks.  We each had an ocean view bungalow that people dream about for an ideal getaway.  Then there was the beach, a small slice of heaven. 

The group walking down the beach. 

Insert any adjective to describe your perfect beach and that will illustrate Ngapali beach.  Pristine white sandy beaches, crystal clear water that you want to drink and palm trees hovering over the beach to provide shade for the few vacationers occupying the chairs.  It truly felt like the beach was our own because less than 100 people lounged in the few miles of coastline.  The only sounds you heard were the waves crashing along the shore and the few native women bellowing, “watermelon, pineapple” as they walked around balancing the juiciest fruit you have ever tasted in a large basket on their heads.

The two ladies who would come to us each day. 

Ngapali Beach had delicious seafood at ever corner. 

There was no real town of Ngapali beach, just the road that went along the coast line.  Lining the passageway were small trinket shops, huts the local inhabitants lived in and little seafood cafes that served the best food we have had so far on the trip.  For the three days we were in Ngapali, there were no real worries, no sense of time and nothing to do but relax and enjoy the raw and untainted beauty of Myanmar.  Oh yah and I forget to mention these….


I might try this for some of the places I visit.  I am stealing the idea from a travel blogger I follow:

Do: Whether you’re a novice or a golf pro, the 18 hole course can be enjoyed by all.  The grooming may not be on par with Pebble Beach but the location may be one of the best in all of Asia.

Stay: Quaint, tranquil and isolated can all describe the Auruem Palace Resort that was home to us for the 3 nights we stayed in Ngapali.  You might not always have a warm shower or the lights may go out once a day but I can ensure you that you will not have to fight others for a beach chair at any point in the day.

Eat: The Moon Light Café was one of the small little seafood joints we dined at for lunch.  I think each one of us described our meal as “the best we ever had.” 

See: Take a run on the beach in the morning to catch a glimpse of all the locals setting up for the day ahead.  They may not make much in their line of work but they sure seem happy to do it.   

One of the workers heading home for the day. 


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