Writing Again

With my upcoming trip to Myanmar, many people have asked if I was going to write about my trip in my blog.  This is something I had pondered quite often as I left Dubai.  What would I do with my blog and would I write about all my travels?

Upon returning home, I have not taken any major trips outside of the country but I have had my fair share of long weekends.   Bachelor party in Las Vegas, beach getaway in the Hamptons, weekend in Dallas for a Cowboys game with my Dad etc… etc…  Yet, as each weekend passed, my latest blog post remained the same.

However, as the weeks became days before my December trip, more and more people were eager to hear about the excursion I was about to undertake.  After all, as exciting and exotic as Myanmar may sound, it is not the most well-known country.  That being said I have decided to blog about our trip.  I have no idea if I will have internet access so if that is the case, I will release the posts a day at time upon more arrival.  In regards to after I return, who knows where this will take me.  Maybe I will only write about the exciting week long vacations or perhaps I will take whip my laptop out after a weekend skiing in the Rockies.  Only time will tell.  


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