Paris is Awesome

Paris is awesome.  Upon emerging from the metro sortie I felt as if I had walked into a movie.  Vibrant houses bursting with detail and streets filled with history.  After the five minute walk from the metro to the hotel I knew that I would love this city. 

In Paris!

However before I dive into detail about our first day in Paris let me take a step back and just give a little advice for anyone coming to the city of light.  There are a few ways one could get from the airport to the city center.  The most convenient would obviously be a cab but Charles De’ Gaulle is located far away from the heart of the Paris and a cab may cost you an arm and a leg.  Therefore, the other two options are bus or train. 

Samantha and I opted for the train which actually was not difficult at all. You simply take the RER B to Chatelet for the cost of 9.50 euro per person.  There are machines at the airport where you can purchase tickets but they only take coins or credit cards, mostly non-American credit cards.  This is common as most credit cards will not work at kiosks in France.  However, just behind the kiosk is a ticket office where you can purchase train tickets. 

Strolling by the Lourve.
From Chatelet, you can hop onto one of the metro lines to take you to a stop close to your hotel.  As a recommendation, I would purchase a pack of ten metro tickets (26 euro) as it will save you some money and time compared to buying single tickets.  During our first day, we learned how easy the Paris metro system is and it is clearly the most optimal way of getting around. 

Now onto our first day…stay tuned for the next post.   


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