Overview of The Caves

I wrote a previous post about how much Samantha and I raved about the hotel we stayed at in terms of service, food etc... Yet below is a number of pictures that display the beauty of The Caves:

The General Grounds:

The gate to the resort. 
The main sun bathing area. 
One of the caves. 
Looking outside from the inside of a cave. 
The door to our room's area of the resort. 
Where we spent many afternoons. 
Couldn't miss out on this while on vacation. 
One of the rooms, the main difference
with our room is our balcony hung over the ocean. 
The area to hang out by our room. 
The hot tub (taken with my GoPro). 

The Restaurants: 

The cave where they host the famed cave dinner. 
Our cave dinner.
The Sands. 
The bar at the Sands. 
The Rum Bar in a cave. 
Our Room:

Our breakfast spot. 
Our first floor.  
Our backyard. 
From our balcony.  
Our favorite sport.  
Panorama photo of our balcony. 


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