Seven Mile Beach

Jamaica was an easy choice for Samantha and I when we were selecting a destination for our winter trip given the cheap the flights on Southwest.  However, once we chose Jamaica, we had no idea where we wanted to venture to on the island.  After a bit of research, the popular choices were Montego Bay (where we were flying into), Ocho Rios and Negril.  However after reading that Negril was home to Seven Mile Beach, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, there was no more research needed.
The type of beach you never want to leave. 
However, if you read one of my last posts, Samantha and I didn't even end up staying on the beach. Our resort, The Caves, was located on the cliffs of Negril which is another major reason why vacationers head to the western coast of the island.  Although we went back and forth on which resort we wanted to stay at, 10 out of 10 times going forward we would choose The Caves given our experience.  Yet, given the one of the best beaches in the Caribbean was only minutes away, we had to at least check it out.
A beach fit for a postcard. 
So, with the help of our hotel, we headed to beach for one afternoon.   From the moment we arrived, it was evident why Negril's beach is rated as one of the best in the Caribbean.  Silky smooth white sand, crystal clear water  and palm trees lining the exterior, it was simply a paradise.  Our hotel had informed a beachside resort we were coming so when we arrived, there was two seaside chairs waiting for us to sit back, relax and watch the world go by.

No trip to a Caribbean beach is complete without
some sort of tropical fruit drink. 
There was only one down side to the beach, hordes and hordes of tourists.  Seven Mile was lined with all inclusive resorts filled with loud, obnoxious beach goers fleeting from the cold.  It was for this reason that we had decided to stay at The Caves and after wandering around on the beach we had known we made the right choice.   With the tourists also come the hagglers; about every ten minutes, some local would walk by trying to get sunbathers to buy some sort of trinket or water sport activity. At one point, some guy even put bracelets on our wrist and told us it was going to be a dollar....he didn't get it.  Luckily, our beach resort for the day was a bit smaller and nicer so the loud tourists were kept to a minimum and the security of the hotel eventually shooed all the hagglers away. 
Samantha, the GoPro and I enjoying the Caribbean sea. 
Had Seven Mile been a private beach we had stumbled upon with no resorts, it would have easily been one of the best beaches I had ever been too.  Yet even with all of beach goers, Samantha and I were sad to leave at the end of the day because the beach itself, was so perfect.  While I don't think I would stay on Seven Mile if I go back to Negril, I would most certainly spend at least a day lying in the sand while sipping on some tropical cocktail.
White sand for miles. 


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