A Picture Overview of Morgan's Rock

In my past three international trips, I moved around from place to place and did not stay in a single hotel for more than three nights.  Nicaragua was a bit different as it was a beach vacation and we stayed at Morgan's Rock for the entire time.  Since we were there for five days, we became very acquainted with our area of the resort and much of the staff.

The big rock to the right was visible from the beach and we think
this was actually "Morgan's Rock".

As a reminder, the resort only had 15 villas so this was not a bustling resort.  That being the case, by day two, all of the staff knew who you were, what you liked and you knew their names.  Our favorite waiter Orlando, knew Samantha and I liked to work out in the morning.  So even though breakfast ended at 9:00, he was always prepared for us at 9:45 and asked us how our run went. I could not say nicer things about the staff.  They were very friendly and extremely accommodating even though we might have not been the easiest group to accommodate.

The staff even helped facilitate a performance of local
higher school students, specifically for our group one night. 

The Grounds: 

The view of the resort from the ocean; you would hardly
be able to tell that it was there. 

Much of the 4,200 acres of the resort were jungle.
Morgan's Rock also included a farm and a private air strip. 

What tropical luxurious resort would be complete
without an infinity pool. 

One of my favorite parts of the resort was old rickety suspension
bridge that connected the lobby to the guest rooms. 

All meals were served at this al fresco restaurant. 

Mahogany Trees - One of the most interesting aspects of the resort
is the owner's used a small portion of the forest for furniture, including
everything at the resort. 

There was plenty of flowers and greenery to compliment the resort. 

The Food:

The food served at Morgan's Rock was largely influenced
by Mexican cuisine as seen by the quesadillas above. Seafood and beef
were also popular menu choices. 

My favorite breakfast at Morgan's Rock was the huevos rancheros.
The tortillas were baked fresh and the traditional Nicaraguan rice
and beans are delicious and served with every breakfast. 

Friend enchiladas- different than enchiladas I was used to but
good enough to order twice. 

Last and not least, fried plantains.  These were the
traditional "bar" food that Morgan's Rock and I
think our group ate about 5 plates a day. 

 The Rooms: 

The view from our balcony. 

The view of our room from the beach hidden in the jungle. 

The rooms were screened in which made it so easy to hear the ocean
but also made it easier for critters to get in. 

Inside the villa. 

The balcony was one of my favorite spots.  Every morning, they
delivered hot coffee to our front door. Samantha and I
 would sit on the balcony, and sip our coffee to start our day. 

More on the Wildlife:

A lizard waiting for bugs attracted to the light. 

Colorful butterflies were all over Morgan's Rock. 

One of the hundred's of geckos we saw. 

We not only saw small lizards, this two foot lizard was hanging out
on the beach with two others. 

A flight of blue butterflies were always at the entrance to the beach. 

A tree home to seven howlers. 

A monkey hanging upside down. 

A colorful Macaw. 

Our third scorpion of the trip, this time in our shower. 

Of Course More of the Beach:  My favorite part of the resort. 

For anyone going to Nicaragua, I would highly recommend Morgan's Rick. It is peaceful, the rooms and grounds are beautiful, the beach is fabulous, there are no crowds and the staff is friendly and attentive.  You are not guaranteed wildlife in your room but there is a definite possibility so if that will ruin your trip than stay away.  Of course Samantha and I had wildlife in their every day including a skunk outside our room on the last night but many other members of our group hardly had any so it comes down to your villa location. Also, you may get tired of the food after four or five days if you do not leave the resort as there is one menu that does not change.  Although, the food is very good.  Overall, Morgan's Rock was fantastic and if I ever visit Nicaragua again, I could  see myself spending a few nights at their resort. 


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