More Than Just Lounging on the Beach

During our time in Nicaragua, we did a little more than just lounge around on the beach and eat. Morgan's Rock had plenty to offer in terms of activities from surfing lessons to a full day hiking trip up a volcano. Since we only had four full days, we opted out of doing day trips or leaving the resort.  We decided to take advantage of the 4,000 acres that Morgan's Rock had to offer. 

Getting ready for the excursion. 

While the ocean is the most desired body of water for guests, it is not the only body of water guests can enjoy.  A number of estuaries are located right off the beach that zig and zag all over the property.  We decided to navigate these waters by kayak but given the number of turns and that we were going before sunset we decided to take a guide.  

Small break from the action for a GoPro shot. 

Group photo at the turning point. 

Our excursion lasted about 90 minutes and any longer would have been too long.  I enjoyed the overall experience but the kayaks were not that comfortable and at times the water ways were difficult to navigate.  Not to mention, Samantha was my kayak partner so you can imagine I had to do all of the paddling.  Aside from that, it was a great way to see the grounds from a different perspective. It would have been nice to see a few monkeys or a sloth but we did see a number of tropical colorful birds.  The best part about the trip was the ending.  Although tired and uncomfortable, the sunset provided a perfect backdrop for the calm sheet of water to end our journey. 

The end of the journey as the sun was setting. 


Most of the food prepared at Morgan's Rock comes directly from their property, mostly from the farm. Therefore, one of the activities a group can partake in is breakfast at the farm.  For anyone visiting Morgan's Rock, this is something I would highly recommend.  Not only are you given a tour of the farm and breakfast, you have the chance to actually pick your eggs from the henhouse and milk a cow to get the milk for your coffee. 

Large zucchini growing on the farm. 

Taking over this guy's job for the morning. 

Once again to give you an idea of how big the resort is, the drive to the farm was about 15 minutes.  To our surprise, on the way to the farm we passed by a tree with about ten monkeys so I got the picture I was hoping for.  Upon arriving at the farm, we first visited the cattle and each of us had a chance to milk a cow.  We weren't able to get much milk as three baby calfs had already drank our milk earlier in the morning.  For my first time milking though, I was able to squeeze out enough for a few drops in a coffee. Next we ventured into the hen house and I had another farm first, grabbing eggs from underneath a nesting hen.  

The baby calfs who took our milk. 

Getting the little milk I can. 

Inside the henhouse. 

After the henhouse we headed into the vintage farmhouse to make fresh tortillas.  This was the last step before we sat down for a delicious breakfast. Fresh pico de gallo, traditional Nicaraguan rice and beans, scrambled eggs, and home made tortillas was a perfect way to start the day.  
Vintage silverware for our breakfast table. 

My breakfast plate. 

One last minor activity that a number of us did was climb the "hill" at the edge of the beach,  There was a large one that is recognizable in my pictures of the beach however we only made it up the small one due to time constraints.  Even though it was not the complete top, it still provided stunning views of the ocean. 

Climbing to the top. 

The view from the top. 

Had we been in Nicaragua longer or if I go back, there are a few tours I would like to do for sure. One would be the canopy tour which entails zip lining through the tops of trees and another would be the all day hike up the volcano.  Nicaragua is also becoming a hot bed for surfers so I also really want to try surfing lessons.  

On the way to the airport we passed the this volcano (along with
another right next to it) in Lake Nicaragua which is the volcano
you would climb on Morgan Rock's day tour. 


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