The Wildlife of Morgan's Rock

Growing up in Connecticut provided little excitement when it came to wildlife.  There are always deer, maybe the occasional gardener snake but really just deer.  So wherever I travel; Colorado, Northern Wisconsin or foreign lands far away, I am always intrigued as to what I may see.  The dry forest of Morgan's Rock is close to the most amount of wildlife I have seen on a trip to date with the exception of Austrailia. 

I mentioned in our last post we saw howler monkeys on the way in and that there was a note to watch out for the snakes, wasps and scorpions.  Well, after our first full day in Nicaragua, our list has expanded including 2 of 3 above. 

Our updated wildlife list includes:

-4 more howler monkeys on a tree right outside our room.  One was even a baby being carried by its mother and of course we were going for a run so I had no camera
-We have seen plenty of wasps but had 3 in our room overnight
-Dozens and dozens of lizards including one at least a two feet long
-Hundreds of of crabs which is expected at the beach.  Yet when you come home to shower and there are four crabs waiting to bathe with you, it is not something you really expect to see.  When we told the front desk they told us it is perfectly normal and safe.  
-Plenty of colorful birds
-2 scorpions, one eating a giant grass hopper

One of the smaller crabs in our shower.

Luckily we have seen no snakes and I hope it stays that way.  My goal is to get a picture of a howler monkey by the end of the trip.  Also, Samantha and I have decided become to one with nature since we are surrounded by it.  Quite frankly, if you are not you will find yourself very frustrated.  That being said, rather than panic when we saw the crabs, we gently placed each one in a cup and let them out our front door.  Hopefully we have no more surprises in our shower but I would be happy to see whatever it may be outside of our room, as long as it is not a snake.  

A scorpion eating a grasshopper on the stone.   

Hopefully pictures of monkeys will be coming soon.


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