Dubai Post 72: My Upcoming Week

I only have two weeks of work left and two weekends left in Dubai.  It is amazing how fast time has gone by and that I will be returning to my life in the U.S.  That being said, I have an extremely busy two weeks ahead of me.

In about 8 hours, I will be on a flight to Amman where I will spend the next three days.  I am meeting up with a college roommate, Sam Brylski, while I am there so I am pumped about that.  We, along with three others, will then tour around Jordan's most popular sites. Jordan is actually the most popular country to visit in the Middle East, other than the UAE, since there is so much to see.

We are going to start in Amman and see the most popular sites it has to offer.  We will then head to the picturesque Wadi Rum, one of the must spectacular desert landscapes in the world.  The next day we will be heading to Petra, the main reason everyone comes to Jordan.  Lastly, we will head to the Dead Sea and float   in the lowest point on Earth.

After Jordan, Brylski will head back to Dubai with me for the week and following weekend.  Also joining us for my last weekend in Duabi will be Steve Feeney, another college/Chicago friend.  Then I will only have four nights left.

As you can see it is going to be an exciting and busy two weeks.  That being said, my posts might be a little light but I will do my best to keep up.  Regardless, I plan on telling the full story which means I might be posting once I get back to the States.

Enjoy the heat!


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