Dubai Post 76: It Rained!

If you saw my post yesterday you will know that it was extremely hot and extremely humid.  As it turned out, the humidity lead to a quick downpour which is not the norm here in Dubai.  Someone told me it drizzled three weeks ago but I do not believe them.  It was not a once in a life time type experience but it is rare to see rain.

A view of the downpour from our office.  Visibility was also
near zero. 
I figured that since it rained the humidity might go away a bit.  That is not the case, walking to work this morning felt even worse.  I can truly say this weather is unbearable.  It has not been like this during my time here and I was fine with the weather when I left for Jordan on Thursday.  Yet, the humidity rolled in over the weekend.  Needless to say, I am looking forward to the heat wave in the U.S.

The rain was also accompanied with a sand storm. 


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