Dubai Post 80: Floating in the Dead Sea

Our last activity in Jordan was to visit the western border between Israel and Jordan.  It is a small body of water that separates these two countries known as the Dead Sea.  For those who do not know, the Dead Sea is known for two things, being extremely salty so that you simply float and incredible minerals used in body lotions, face lotion etc…

Beautiful view in the mountains overlooking Israel. 
At this point, there were enough pictures with steep drops behind me. 
Before we arrived at the Dead Sea, we had about a three hour drive on the king’s highway.  This entailed navigating through the mountainside which provided some of the most incredible views of our entire trip.  It also included heart pounding moments when the van would be a few inches from a cliff face.  It reminded me of my ride to the Last Resort in Nepal.

Coffee shop on the edge we stopped at. 
As advertised, you jump into sea and effortlessly float.  I had been to the Dead Sea once before in Israel so I knew what to expect.  However, the feeling of just being able to float without any effort is truly a relaxing feeling.  The only negative aspect is the water is salty…really salty.  If you shave or have a cut, you will be in some pain. Also, one drip of water in your mouth and you will also be gasping for fresh water. 

Made it to the Dead Sea!  You can see the salt formations on the rocks.
Group shot in front of the Dead Sea.  It obviously gets its name
from the high amount of salt preventing any living organisms.  Therefore
no need to worry about sharks!

Looks like a remote beach getaway.  With how salty the water is you
would not want to stay here for more than two days. 
The other popular thing to do at the Dead Sea is rub mud all over you.  As I mentioned, the Dead Sea is known for minerals which is why the lotions are famous.  Therefore everyone rubs mud all over their skin to cleanse their bodies.  We of course joined in on the muddy festivities (pics coming later).  

And it's that easy. 

One last drink, perfect way to end the trip. 


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