Dubai Post 82: Hitting the Local Food Spots One Last Time

With Sam and Steve in town, it gave me an excuse to try out all of my favorite local food spots one last time.  Sam was here for six days while Steve was here for about two and half so there was plenty of time to hit up a number of different spots.  

Brylski and I eating steaks at the Belgian Beer Cafe. 
Steve, Brylski and I waiting for some Indian food. 

I showed Sam Man2ooshe the first night he was here in Dubai.  Since I was at work, I told him he could go here for lunch one day.  He ended up going for five consecutive days, I guess he liked it.  I took the boys to some of the local dining spots I went with Ozair back in May. I have decided Bu Qtair is my favorite local food spot, but I will also be missing Ravis back in the States. Before we went out one night, I took them to the Southern India restaurant that I went to with Samantha in June.  Before I leave, I plan on going here at least one more time. 

It was the lamb manoshe (think that is how you spell it) that had
Brylski going back again and again. 
If you come to Dubai, you must see this site. 
Brylski with the fish at Bu Qtair. 
The Indian food I will be dreaming of back home. 
One place I waited to try with my friends was Best Burger Forever.  It was not your ordinary burger place, they served camel.  For a mere $12, you can get your meal complete with a juicy camel burger.  The patty was a little bit thinner and leaner than your traditional burger.  However in the end, we all agreed it was quite good and was a mix between a beef and pork burger. 

Outside Best Burger forever...bout to chow down on some camel. 
From the outside, it looked like a regular burger. 

Similar to me, Brylski agreed that Bu Qtair was his favorite food experience in Dubai.  However, notable mention was a Lebanese lunch spot by my office.  It is the same type of place that I took my Dad a few weeks back.  I cannot remember what Feeney told me so he will have to comment on this post,  I believe it was the Indian.  One thing is for sure, I will be missing some of the traditional Dubai cuisine when I head home to the States this weekend.


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