Clicking the Links

One of the activities our hotel offered in Ngapali was a 9 hole golf outing.  For the cheap price of $40, you got rental clubs, a caddy, transportation and water.  The British brought the game to Burma during their occupancy and it appeared the courses and clubhouses have not had much renovation since then.   I also have a feeling we were playing on one of the only golf courses in all of Myanmar.  Here are some pictures from the outing.

The clubhouse, you were going to find no bar in here, just
a few dirty tables. 

View from the first tee.
Mike, teeing off on a par 3. 

One of the fairways. 

So we did not see any machinery and we know farmers do not use
any machines so it seemed like the course was maintained by hand.
Given the amount of workers they had it seemed somewhat possible. 

Yes, they had cows wandering the course. 

Bob teeing off with a cow in the way. 

A view from the ninth hole.  

Our three caddies and our ball fetcher.  


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