Plane Crash in Burma

I am not sure if you heard or not but there was a plane crash in Heho, Myanmar on December 25th.  A dense fog provided minimal visibility and the plane crash landed on a field next to the runaway.  Unfortunately there were two casualties (one on the ground and one on the plane) but it could have been much worse.

The thing about Myanmar is that you need to fly to get to a lot of these cities unless you want to take a 14 hour train or a 10 hour bus ride.  Since time is of the essence for us, we of course had to fly.  The day after the plane crash we ended up flying into Mandalay Airport where the plane took off from and three days later we flew into Heho Airport where the plane crashed. 

The day after the plane crash we had a whole plane to ourselves.  We had
no idea why and every other plane was packed.  We wondered
if the crash had anything to do with it.

Sure enough, the wreckage was still visible and you can see the path it took with a passageway of broken trees along the roadside.  It was a wild site to see and it makes you remember that traveling can sometimes be dangerous.  Yet, those dangers will never inhibit me from seeing the world.  

The fenced in area was the crashed plane, very visible from the
side of the road. 


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