The Venice of Myanmar

On our last day of the trip, we made our way down from the mountains to the picturesque city of Inle Lake.  Nestled in between two lush mountain ranges is Myanmar’s second biggest lake, Lake Inle.    Rather than your typical lake community, Inle Lake reminded me more of Venice than Minocqua.

Leaving the dock and heading to our hotel. 

Docking up our boats as we walk around a silk factory. 

Communities are built on stilts and the mode of transportation to get from one location to the next is by boat.  There were no speed boats on this lake either.  The highest powered machines are large canoes with a little dingy engine.  Most of the locals paddle by leg, which is what Inle Lake is known for.  We got a firsthand view of this as we had to paddle to our hotel.  

Inle Lake is known for the one legged rowers. 

Cruising down one of the main water passageways.

The floating gardens of Inle Lake. 

As we were cruising in the vast openness of Inle Lake, it felt as if it was the Fourth of July and I was on a pontoon in Wisconsin.  The only difference was if I looked to the right or left, it was the greenest mountainside I have ever seen.  We spent most of the day boat hopping viewing all the local workshops such as the silk factory, blacksmith and boat maker.  However, I enjoyed cruising through the watery streets of the local villages the most.  Life seemed so simple and so enjoyable for everyone we passed even though they had so little.

Passing by the main Pagoda of Inle Lake.  I thought it
could be very comparable to Piazza di San Marco.

View of a silk weaver through his thread. 

The last sunset from our balcony.

After passing Inle Lake’s version of their Piazza di San Marco, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for New Year’s Eve.  It was the first time I have spent NYE outside of the country and it was different than anything I have ever experienced.  Our hotel had put on an entire show that was highlighted with the local elementary school singing holiday songs.  Towards midnight, a few fireworks were lit and lanterns were let into the sky as 2013 was ushered in.  

Our whole group on NYE. 

The elementary school that provided the best entertainment of
the night. 

The Orringers ushering in 2013 on the dance floor. 


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