Full Time Blogger...Well Sorta

When I cam back from Dubai, I had no idea what I was going to do with my blog.  For four and a half months it sat there as the cyber cobwebs piled up.  Yet as more and more people asked me to start up the blog again for Myanmar, I decided why not.  

Now that I have been back for a week, I have taken the plunge to keep the blog going full time; I officially bought a domain name.  Since I am no longer in Dubai anymore I decided to drop the Dubai aspect but keep the badger theme.  After all, they are my first love.   My new domain is www.travelinbadger.com but if you go back to the old domain it will revert you to the correct website.  

I still have a few Myanmar posts to put up but my goal is to write at least a few posts a month.  I do have some big trips planned for the upcoming year so I will obviously post more during those time periods.  However, I figure I could also write about weekend trips as well as my current home, Chicago.  After all, Chicago may be my home but is someone else's desired travel destination.  

I figure as long as long as 1 person enjoys reading my blog then I will keep it going.  That being said, since I might not update it every day, sign up for the email updates so you know when I post.  


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