Traveling in the Name of Sports

As most of you know, I am a rabid sports fan and have an undying love for the Badgers.  So when I combine my passion for traveling and a large sporting event it becomes a perfect storm.  Now before some of you dismiss the idea (my girlfriend included), at least hear me out.  Yes, the event might be the highlight of the weekend and it could even take up a whole day (and might ruin your next morning) but it doesn’t mean you still can’t make the most of your trip.
My Dad and I inside Cowboy's Stadium in Dallas. 

A major benefit of living in the U.S. is that there is an endless amount of cities and states to explore along with their respective sports teams.  The greatest part is that you don’t even need a full week off to plan a trip.  A three day weekend or even just a half a day off at work can provide you with enough time to visit all the major sites of cities like Philly, Boston and Denver.  

Embracing your school spirit can be a great way to see beautiful college towns like Madison, Ann Arbor and Austin.  As a Badger fan, I am always traveling back to Madison for a home football game.  However, over the past few years I have hit the road to both L.A. and Minneapolis to follow my beloved Alma Mather.   This year I plan on traveling to Iowa City for a Badger game and if I am lucky, back to Pasadena for the BCS title game.

During the Rose Bowl trip, we climbed Runyon Canyon
which is famous for it's views of the Hollywood Sign (which you
barely make out). 
Even if you are in a sports city and there is no game going on, it still might be worth checking out a renowned arena.   Places like Wrigley, Fenway and Lambeau are national landmarks and are must see sites.  After all, when tourists visit the Big Apple one of the top attractions is the Empire State Building.  When in Dallas, that’s how Jerry’s House should be.   I was lucky enough to attend a Cowboy’s game and I can tell you it is a modern marvel and a structure that will be talked about for hundreds of years.

Aside from the stadiums, crowds, beers and ballpark franks, there is plenty of other activities you can plan into your trip.  There really isn’t much to it, all you need to do is find the famous landmark and dining spot and you will be on your way to a travel packed weekend.  When in Indy, eat at St. Elmo’s.  In Philly, visit The Liberty Bell.  And in Milwaukee, tour The Miller Factory. 

I haven’t even touched on international sporting events but that’s a whole other ballgame (pun intended).  So the next time your favorite team is headed out of town, become the groupie.  And ladies, it doesn’t always have to be just for the guys, you can enjoy it to.   


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