The Food of Burma

Spicy. Thai. Hot and Sour. Prawns. Noodles. Post Meal Salads.  Long Meals. Delicious. Cheap.  Rice. Rice. More Rice. Fresh Jams.  Peanuts.  Sweet and Sour. Fried Lobster.  Fruit Juices. Pad Thai.  Tom Yum Soup.  Curry.  Indian. Icy Ice Cream.  Red Mountain Wine.  Seafood.  Juicy Pineapple.  More Prawns. Pork.  Will Be Missed.

Friend Coconut Shrimp. 

Hot and Sour Prawns. 

Spicy King Prawns. 

Banana Split. 

Hot and Sour Pork. 

Fried Noodles. 

Vegetable and Prawn Marsalsa. 

The feasters. 


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