Some Traveling Tips for Myanmar

**This will be my last post on Myanmar other than a video coming out later in the week.

1) Bring a pair of easy slip on shoes.  At all pagodas and temples you need to take your socks and shoes off so you will hardly be wearing shoes.
2) Don’t expect to have quick meals.  At most places you go it will take well over an hour to finish a meal.
3) At most places they serve peanuts instead of bread.  The more plates of peanuts they bring out the longer your food will take.
4) There is a major language barrier.  No matter what you say most people will smile and nod their head.
5) There might be rolling blackouts.
6) You must drink bottled or purified water.
7) Your salad or soup might be served after your entrée.
8) I did not have a big problem with finding an American outlet but in general there was always an English outlet.
9) At most Pagodas, you will need to have clothing covering your knees and shoulders but if it is hot you can wear shorts and bring a longyi for cover up.
10) Haggle for most gifts that you buy.

11) Be prepared to share menus. 
12) Most importantly, enjoy your trip. 


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