The People of Burma

One of the most enjoyable parts of the entire trip was interacting with all of the people we encountered.  Whether it was our tour guides, hotel staff or kids in a local village, everyone was inviting and friendly.  Even though the majority of the country is poor, their ability to enjoy life is on display. 

I also want to take this time to thank the people I traveled with.  If it was not for the Orringers, I never would have had this great experience.  I am truly thankful that they took me along and were such great travel companions.

Here are some of the wonderful people we met: 

Christina, a girl who relentlessly tried to sell us a postcard day and night
outside of our hotel for the steep price of $1.  She knew great
English and did not attend school. 

One of our few tour guides who had a daughter who studied at Purdue
which is in Indiana.  He has not seen her in ten years.  

The resident monk at the small pottery village we stopped at.  

A lady who invited me in for tea at the pottery
village we stopped at. 

The little kids who followed us around at the small river village.  Unlike
many other kids, they were not corrupt by tourists.  Instead of asking
or begging for money, the gave us clay toys they made instead.  

Two kids playing at the train station in Kalaw. 

A man weaving silk at a shop in Inle Lake. 

A few people playing with a make shift wooden soccer ball
outside of a blacksmith shop in Inle Lake. 

The local elementary school dressed up and performed for us
on new years eve. 

Little kids loved it when we took pictures of them everywhere we went. 

The great group I traveled with. 


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