Top Sporting Events/Venues to Travel To

In conjunction with my last post and given that it is the super bowl this weekend, I have decided to come up with a list of events I think would be the most desired to travel to.  If I missed any that come to the top of your head let me know:

My Top 5 Desired Sporting Events in the US:
  1. The Super Bowl: Anywhere, any team (preferable the Pats) for the greatest sporting event ever.
  2.  Lambeau Field: Title town, USA and one of the most storied stadiums in the world. 
  3. Kentucky Derby: Because who doesn't want to dress up like this and tailgate all day and bet on horses.
  4. MSG during the Cup: There is no better arena in the world and no place better to watch a hockey game than Madison Square Garden when the Rangers are good.  I can only imagine what it’s like during the Stanley Cup.
  5.  NCAA Football title game:  If the Badgers are there, then I can then die happy.
Even though I went to Madison, I never made it to Lambeau. 

Top 5 International Events I want to Travel To:
  1. The World Cup: The largest sporting event in the world and it will be in Brazil next year….
  2. The Olympics: It might take up a lot of your time and there might be tons of crowds but you need to go to one in your life.
  3. Manchester United Soccer Game:  To be among hooligans once in my life. 
  4. Rugby match between New Zealand and Australia:   When I was down under everyone was going ‘mental’ during this game…plus why would you not want to cheer these guys on.
  5. Palio di Siena/Running of the Bulls – They are unique, carry lots of tradition and are held in two beautiful countries.
The Palio di Siena takes place the main piazza of Siena.  

Top 5 Sporting Events I have traveled to:
  1. The Rose Bowl: Hollywood boulevard, Santa Monica beach and the Granddaddy of them all; the Rose Bowl offers everything.
  2. 2004 ALCS game at Yankee Stadium:  Although the RedSox lost, there is something to be said for the amount of energy in a stadium when the most hated rivalry is playing in the playoffs. 
  3. Duke @ Wisconsin NCAA BBall Game: (Full disclosure I did not have to travel anywhere for this game) Upset Duke. Front Row.  On TV. Rushed the Court. Enough Said. 
  4. Wrigley/Fenway: The two most iconic baseball parks in the country. 
  5. Cowboys Stadium: It was like nothing I have ever seen before. 
My five seconds of fame at the Wisconsin vs. Duke game. 


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