Dubai Post 36: It is Getting Hot!

I am now seeing never before seen temperatures in my life.  Today there was an observed high of 111 degrees!!! The heat has the same effect in Dubai that the cold does in Chi Town.  People stop doing things outside, you can not really walk anywhere and you need to constantly be prepared.  However, being prepared in Dubai means drinking lots and lots of water and wearing plenty of sunscreen.

Luckily for me, my pool is chilled. For five hours today I was able to enjoy the heat after dipping into the pool every 15 - 20 minutes.  I might even get lucky enough to see Dubai's version of a "snow day".  No, it does not snow in Dubai.  But if the temperature ever reaches 50 degrees Celsius, no one has to go to work. This is a rule throughout the GCC region but I would not consider myself lucky if that were to happen.  For 50 degrees Celsius is 122 degrees Fahrenheit. 


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