Dubai Post 60: Getting to Be a Tourist Again (Part 3)

In Chicago, Samantha and I love to try out breakfast places.  She asked me where we could go and I actually had no idea.  Dubai is more known for the lavish and long brunches (we did not want to spend a day drinking) and if I ever want breakfast I typically eat fruit and cereal.  We found a small little French café by me that was perfect.  If you ever find yourself in TECOM (area I live in) and want a cheap delicious breakfast, check out La Gaufrette.

The waffle I got at breakfast. 
Samantha had a chance to ride the metro. 
She also got to see plenty of views of the Burj Khalifa.
 They look 2 dimensional and fake. 
After breakfast, Samantha and I trekked to the Dubai Aquarium.  When I say trek I mean it because it is located in the Dubai Mall which is massive.  Along the way to the aquarium we stopped in some of the “over the top” type stores that you would expect to see in Times Square. 

The outside panel of the Dubai Aquarium in the mall.  It holds
a world record for the largest acrylic panel. 
The giant over the top candy store in the mall. 
The famous Chicago popcorn store that I still have not had. 
The tunnel part of the aquarium. 
Duh - Duh. 
My favorite exhibit in the aquarium. 
Just keep swimming, just keep swimming
I do not think I have seen this outside of Texas (I think) but they have it here. 
Trying some of the shawarma. 
To end our day, I wanted to take Samantha to the souks since after all, she is a shopper.  It would have been better had it not been 115 degrees since we were dripping in sweat but we still managed to find some good gifts.  She was also very impressed with my bargaining skills which have gotten much better since I went with Ozair.  I actually went back to a place where I got ripped off with Ozair and haggled the guy like he’s never been haggled before.  We ended our trip to the Souks with a traditional dinner on the creek.

Look at all that gold we can't afford. 
Showing Samantha how to cross the creek. 
The guy who helped us pick out the best Arabic candy. 
We ate on the terrace overlooking the creek at Bayt Wakeel.  It was one
of the first offices opened in Dubai and the restaurant has been around
since 1934.  Great place to stop and soak in the sights since it is right next
to the Abra landing. 
The best thing we ordered was grilled hammour, which is
a local fish in the region. 
Samantha wanted to sit inside because she thought
it was too hot but how could you miss a sunset like this? 
I had to have Samantha try the sugary goodness of
gulab jamun at Ravis. 


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