Dubai Post 39: The Third Time's a Charm

Rajeev was pointing out parts of the Princesse's university.

Well it might have taken a few attempts but I have made it back to Saudi Arabia.  When I'm back in the states, be sure to ask me about my failed attempt at entering the country last week.  Saudi is just how I left it a few weeks ago, really hot and really sandy.

Before I came over to Dubai I thought I would get to fly Emirates Airlines when I traveled for work.  However, I learned the hard way when I boarded my FlyDubai flight on my first trip to Saudi Arabia. If Emirates is the king of airlines, than FlyDubai is the peasant’s dog.  I thought U.S. airlines really nickel and dimed it's customers.  That was until I asked for a glass of water and the FlyDubai flight attendant asked how I would like to pay for it.

Regardless, I made it to Saudi in one piece and luckily for me, the flight time from Dubai to Riyadh is only one hour and twenty five minutes.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to see much of Saudi Arabia this time as I am only here for one night.  Most of my time will be spent with clients or in my hotel.  However, my driver Rajeev is always eager to point out spots in Riyadh so I am becoming familiar with the city.

What's between the center of town and the airport...sand. 
I should be coming back here next week as well since we are getting close to closing two or three deals.   I will post more on the clients and deals later.  


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